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Here are a few of the pieces in the show...

Aaron Koblin - Flight Patterns

Spam Architecture - Alex Dragulescu

Rosetta Disk
Rosetta Disc - Long Now Foundation

This is the First “TV” image of Mars. While they were waiting the hours it would take to process the image using computers, and unsure if their instrument was working, JPL engineers printed out the data in strips and colored them. The black cross-hairs are crop marks for a TV camera. (JPL/Caltech)

Enlargement of the image above. (JPL/Caltech)

Click here for the whole story on “The First TV Image of Mars”

Stereo image of mountains on Mars. Put on your 3D glasses! (JPL/Caltech)

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Data + Art
Art and science in the age of information

I co-curated this show about data and art with my friend Delgado Delgado for the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA). The following text was on the intro wall to the show:

Every moment data is collected, filtered, organized, searched, visualized, sonified, filed, archived and forgotten. The following artists and scientists explore these aspects of data in new and beautiful ways--some for the sake of understanding, others for personal expression. By combing through the vast amount of information collected every moment, they reveal to us the hidden stories about the natural world and the human condition.

Artists/Institutions Represented:
Jim Bumgardner
Johnathan Berger
David Bowen
Chris Chafe
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Chris Jordan
Ned Kahn
Aaron Koblin
Long Now Foundation
Charles Joseph Minard
Greg Niemeyer
Seth Ruffins